The Glance of the Drone

Januar 25, 2014

About the relationship between culture and technics. A text that was complementing a public lecture given at the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen in January 2014 ...


Über das Warten beim Rechnen

Dezember 4, 2013

Synchronisationsstrategien in parallelen und interaktiven Systemen. Paper together with Lasse Scherffig has been published in Christian Kassung, Thomas Macho, Kulturtechniken der Synchronisation, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, München 2013, S. 231 – ...


Technics and Society

Juli 1, 2013

From 5. – 8. of Juli 2013 we held a Neocybernetics Workshop in Nago-Torbole at the Lake Garda in the North of Italy. The workshop was organized by Ursula Damm, Lasse Scherffig and myself. In perparation for the workshop I wrote a little paper and spread it around between the participants. Here it is. To understand its title »The Sicilian Rangers« one has to read quite far. ...


Biological Machines and the Mechanization of Life

Februar 1, 2013

This paper, written in 2013, is almost identical to the german version »Synthese von Maschine und Biologie – Organische Maschinen und die Mechanisierung des Lebens«, which was published in »Synthesis: Zur Konjunktur eines philosophischen Begriffs in Wissenschaft und Technik, Gabriele Gramelsberger/ Peter Bexte/ Werner Kogge (Eds.), Transcript 2013, S. 171 – 192«. ...


Algorithmen im Alltag

Februar 3, 2010

This article also was published in the book »Exkursionen ins Undingliche«. It is questioning the essence of »information« and »algorithms« beyond its formal meaning in informatics. ...