The Poetics of Making

Workshop for PHD candidates in experimental informatics
03.07. – 16.07.2022
Montepulciano, Italy

The global consequences of our technical activities show very clearly: We have to rethink the cultural dimension of technology and poiesis! Sober scientific analysis has never been enough to integrate technology culturally and to change human action. What is missing above all are other narratives of our interaction with technology.

On the one hand, the functioning of technical objects must be made comprehensible; on the other hand, the fundamental relationship between man and technology must be worked out. According to Simondon, there is a poetic potential in our artificial objects that has not yet been tapped due to the lack of technical poets. For this to happen, the technical object must be unfolded as something that transcends the mere status of the created and the functional. The technical object must first be liberated from the pure rationality of purpose so that it can find its proper place in our culture.

Subsequently, it is above all a matter of developing new narratives with which we can come to grips with the technical conditionality of our lives. Last but not least, we must also reform making itself. This is only possible through an experimental approach that practically explores the possibility spaces of making and at the same time reflects on them theoretically.