Workshop: Reading Algorithms, University Lüneburg

Reading Algorithms. Queer and Transgressive Encounters

  1. June 2016

Workshop by Martina Leeker, Orit Halpern, Irina Kaldrack, Lisa Conrad
University Lüneburg

Talk about sorting algorithms

Workshop announcement
From June 8–9 2016 the transdisciplinary workshop “Reading Algorithms: Queer and Transgressive Encounters” is taking place. It is part of the DCRL fellowship of Orit Halpern, associate professor for “Interactive Design and Theory” at Concordia University Montréal and member of the Hexagram, an international network dedicated to research-creation in media arts, design, technology and digital culture. Next to Orit Halpern the workshop is organized by Martina Leeker, senior researcher at the DCRL, Lisa Conrad, Post-Doc at the DCRL, and Irina Kaldrack, deputy professor in the field of “Digital Knowledge Cultures” at University of Braunschweig. International guests include: Chris Salter, director of Hexagram Concordia, Jamie Allen, media artist and pioneer in the area of computer art, Frieder Nake from the University of Bremen and Georg Trogemann, professor in the field of experimental computer science at the Academy for Media Arts Cologne. Colleagues and students from Leuphana University contribute diverse disciplines such as business and IT (Guido Barbian), cultural studies and artistic research (Christoph Brunner), or art history (Andreas Broeckmann, Leuphana Arts Program). The aim of the workshop is to employ means of artistic research as a methodology of transdisciplinary research to develop way of representing algorithms so as to make them readable. To do so, participants will be asked to work in groups to develop a “field guide”in the spirit of ornithology, ethology, and ecology, of “Algorithms”.

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