The Way Things Go

Georg Trogemann, Lasse Scherffig, WS 2011/12

The film by Fischli/Weiss is the model for this year’s basic seminar Code and Material. However, in contrast to „Der Lauf der Dinge“, it is not an impulse that is to travel through the apparatus, but information. The focus is on the material aspect of the concept of information, the imprinting of form in material. Information always needs a material manifestation, but it is also material-open, i.e. we are free in the choice of the material, as long as we succeed in preserving the information in it. Information is neither something material nor a content of consciousness. For already the ink on a sent telegram note is different from the ink of the received telegram note: „Information is just that which is common to both notes. what is common to both pieces of paper“ (Weizsäcker 1974).

Seminar text in (german)

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