Workshop+Talk: Faith Machines, Palazzo Ricci, Montepulciano

Faith Machines

University Münster and Palazzo Ricci, Montepulciano, Italy.

Art | Machine | Art
Annual project of the art and music academies NRW.
Pre-Conference on June 13, 2015 at the University of Fine Arts Münster.
The annual project from September 13 – 25, 2015 took place at the European Academy of Music and Art in Montepulciano.

Talk about: Glaubensmaschinen /Faith Machines

Workshop on: The art of folding

workshop description
In Origami (on oru = fold + kami = paper), the techniques of paper folding have a long tradition. The fascinating art of creating two- and three-dimensional objects and sculptures from a sheet of paper by folding alone offers much more than the possibility of producing impressive table decorations. The algorithms of folding are currently highly topical in a wide variety of scientific disciplines. Interesting applications for folding a wide range of materials can be found in architecture (building and tensegrity structures), biology (protein folding), product design (folded objects), aerospace (self-assemblage), and robotics (arm movement), among others. The workshop provides theoretical insight into the methods and application areas of folding. On the other hand, various folding examples will be demonstrated and practiced together.

Kolleg für Musik und Kunst Montepulciano

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