I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of twenty pounds

Project “Bank”

Academy of the Fine Arts Münster. Class Suchan Kinoshita
Project: Kunst in der Bank.

„I promise to pay the bearer, on demand, the sum of twenty pounds.“ reads the English pound note. A joke, at a time when the gold standard has long since been abolished and John Q. Public (Otto Normalbürger) is at the mercy of the financial markets.

The class of Suchan Kinoshita worked on an exhibition in the NRW Bank Münster. Several visits, talks and discussions with Suchan and her students in Münster. Mainly about the social meaning of money.

Dates of the lectures: November 9th 2015, December 21st 2015, January 11th 2016

In the end, the exhibition was cancelled by NRW Bank. The money already paid for the realization of the projects has not been reclaimed.

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