Exhibition + Seminar: art’s birthday bunker party, Kulturbunker Mühlheim

art’s birthday bunker party

Teachers and students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) present in collaboration with the team kunstgäste and Kulturbunker Mülheim a seminar exhibition on the 1,000,054 birthday of the art.

On January 17, 2017, art will be 1,000,054 years old. This date, arbitrarily set in 1963 by the French artist Robert Filliou as art’s birthday and since then celebrated annually worldwide (see www.artsbirthday.net). The connection of the unusual date with the equally unusual location forms the nucleus for performances and installations developed by students of the KHM in the context of a seminar of the same name, supervised by Hans W. Koch, Georg Trogemann, Karin Lingnau, and Dirk Specht. The Kulturbunker Mülheim offers ample starting points for the development of artistic strategies to deal with a given situation. Starting from a fundamental reflection on site-specific (sound) art, tailor-made works are created.

„In the ambivalent atmosphere between heavy-walled bunker and open cultural meeting place, a variety of installations, technical and atmospheric elements and spatial experiences inspires. A loudspeaker that falls silent as you approach. Hidden sounds that can be searched and found with portable radios in the building. And is this the rainforest? A Garden of lights, lightning and falling marbles. Image collages for the birthday of art. Archival photos of South American celebrations from grandfather’s past. A womb invites you to rest, and an expressive improvised dance performance can be experienced grueling close up. The bunker rustles, clicks, whispers and glows.“

For the finissage on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, a party will also celebrate the „Birthday of the
Art“ will be celebrated.

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