Cyborgs, simplified

Karin Lingnau, Georg Trogemann,
Basic seminar material/sculpture/code basic studies
Wednesday weekly 11:00-13:00; first date 18.10.2017.
Filzengraben 8-10, 0.2 Experimental Computer Science

A cyborg is a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction.“ Donna Haraway, A Manifesto for Cyborgs.

We will explore different objects, simple materials and processes, and build our own small cyborgs or become cyborgs ourselves over the course of the winter semester. The goal of the basic seminar is to explore materials and material processes that interact with algorithms. The basis of every artistic work is material, whether structural and immaterial as coding or/and haptic and physical as material, carrier and medium. The consideration and processing of the interdependencies of material and schematic, code-controlled sequences (algorithms) and material processes takes place in the seminar through own experiments and material studies and includes practical exercises and theoretical introductions. The teaching of basic craft skills using the available equipment and techniques should enable the development of small setups and first own works. In this context, there is also an introduction to the use of laboratory machines. Participation in the basic seminar Material/Sculpture/Code is a prerequisite for independent work in the Laboratory for Experimental Computer Science (Filzengraben 8-10, room 0.2) as of WS 2017/2018.

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