Comment on: Dieter Mersch, (Un)creative Artificial Intelligence

By: Georg Trogemann, Christian Heck, Mattis Kuhn

The article by Dieter Mersch criticizes recent art projects that are produced by AI algorithms, i.e. that use ‚deep learning‘ and generative processes. In his opinion, these artificial artifacts are based on a naive concept of art as well as on a reduced understanding of human and machine creativity. One can certainly agree with Dieter Mersch’s analysis on many points. Some of the things he criticizes have also been controversially discussed within AI or art for a long time, and not only since ‚deep learning‘ and ‚Big Data‘ reached the mass media. The essay provoked a comment from us, because here a too narrow understanding of algorithms and art comes to bear, which in the end throws out the baby with the bathwater. (german text)

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