Our conversation (Ursula Damm and me, moderated by Luz Mar González-Arias) was linked to the artificial intelligence work Membrane, made by Ursula Damm and currently exhibited at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creaciòn Industrial. We were asked to discuss the challenges of art and science collaboration.

On youtube: LABoral Art Sciences Talk Webinar

Official announcement by LABoral

What can science contribute to art and what does art contribute to science? How can they collaborate, when their working languages, methods and objectives often correspond to different criteria? What are the challenges and difficulties of this collaboration? How does work in one area affect work in the other? What is the benefit of these collaborations? And what is the future of these kinds of transversal connections for art, culture, and the university? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this day of dialogues entitled LABoral Art Science Talks, based on the study of specific cases related to the exhibition of art, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence, When the butterflies of the soul flutter their wings. This is an international exhibition of projects featuring biological and artificial neural networks, organized by LABoral Centro de Arte in close collaboration with the Institute of Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Center of the University of Oviedo.

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