Workshop for PHD candidates in Art and Media Studies
03 – 16 July 2022
Palazzo Ricci, the European Academy for Music and Performing Arts in Montepulciano, Italy

There is a poetic potential in the things we make that has yet to be tapped due to the lack of technical poets. But how can we break through the design, production and consumption mechanisms currently implemented in society?

Aesthetic practice is seen here as a means to free ourselves from purpose rationality, to achieve a deeper understanding of our poietic action, and to become capable of action ourselves. Without reflection on the settings of action, and especially without reflexivity, that turn which makes one’s own thinking the object of critique, any aesthetic practice would remain empty. The workshop focused on human-technology relations from a poietic perspective. This approach calls for new narratives, with which we can natural as well as technical conditionality of our lives and to reformulate it aesthetically.

At the center of the approach pursued here is the experiment, which practically explores the possibility spaces of making (fabricating, producing, designing) with simple means and at the same time reflects on them theoretically. The intended interweaving of theory and practice does not deny their difference, but rather they become visible as elements of a movement, which are interdependent, mutually stimulate each other, but also challenge each other.

Publication of workshop results: (open access)

Some keywords: Poetic making, Meta-tools, Design, Experience, Perception,
Experimentation, Aesthetic praxis, Critical thinking

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