Ephemeral Connections – An artistic exploration into AI + the digital

Group exhibition in Glasmoog – Raum für Kunst und Diskurs


The unstable collectives of digital production and reception – to which tech companies, freelance and university developers, content producers and active consumers all contribute – as well as the massive concentration of economic capital in the new production machinery of the aesthetic are not only transforming our forms of communication and experience, but are also fundamentally shifting the social place and significance of the aesthetic. It is currently impossible to foresee what consequences the convergence of an increasing aestheticization of society and the generative possibilities of artificial intelligence will have.

In the group exhibition Ephemeral Connections, the department of Experimental Computer Science at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne attempts to reveal the unstable, volatile structures of transformation processes in the media, to intervene and to develop counter-strategies. This is a critique and retelling of the technical, focusing on the processes of creation and the digital capacity for emergence, while at the same time being aware of the fleetingness and contingency of its projects as well as the temporally limited validity of its statements.

With artistic contributions by Benita Martis, Leon-Etienne Kühr, Anton Linus Jehle, Sayaka Kuramochi, Ting Chun Liu, Alexandra Nikitina, Pedro A. Ramírez, Lisa Reutelsterz, Conrad Weise, Kjell Wistoff. Concept: Heike Ander, Christian Heck, Georg Trogemann.

Opening: Friday, December 15, 2023, 6 pm, GLASMOOG (until January 27, 2024), from 6:30 pm performances by Sayaka Kuramochi, Ting Chun Liu and Pedro A. Ramírez.

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